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Christmas Sweaters

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Merry Christmas Eve! My team at work had a holiday party last week, theme – (Ugly) Christmas Sweaters. I swear my mom is Chinese Mrs. Claus, she loves anything Christmas and she used to wear the most, ahem, decorative sweaters for her big holiday parties. When I asked if she still had any, she gladly pulled them out of her closet and express shipped them to me, on one condition. I couldn’t give them back. She’s since moved on to more modern holiday attire but I was happy to take these amazing sweaters off her hands. Some of my other co-workers were pretty clever with their sweaters, I had to share!










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Congratulations to Melissa, winner of the $25 Munchery Giveaway!


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Farewell WSI!

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Last week marked the end of my journey at Williams Sonoma Inc. and today I begin a new chapter at Apple. It’s amazing the kind of relationships I have built with my co-workers at Williams Sonoma since I saw them more than I saw my family. It was incredibly hard to leave the friends at work that I had coffee with every morning, lunch everyday and were there for me through all of work and life’s good times and bad. Since giving my notice, I’ve had several panicked moments of doubt that I made the wrong decision because I care so much about my friends at work and I loved my job (most of the time). However, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work at another amazing but larger company and have more time with my fiance and family. My last day was bittersweet and my lovely co-workers brought some delicious treats to celebrate and gave me a beautiful handmade card. After work we grabbed some drinks and had some fun in a bar photo booth that I will be hanging up in my new cubicle. I also made everyone take some cheesy but blog-worthy photos. Farewell everyone, I’ll miss you!

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Work delights.

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It’s amazing how much time I spend with my co-workers. Considering I’m at the office an average of 8 hours a day, 5 days a week – I spend a lot more time with them than I spend with my family, that’s for sure. That’s why it’s important to me to treat all my co-workers as family. Luckily, I’ve been dealt a lucky hand in the co-worker realm. That’s why when someone has a birthday or big life changing event, I think it’s pretty important to celebrate. I’ve put myself on the unofficial birthday/celebration committee because I love bringing in sweets and treats whenever possible. I think it’s really easy to get caught up in the business of the day so when we can take some time to celebrate someone, I try to take advantage. My latest treats have been chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and homemade washi tape flags for a birthday and handcrafted welcome banners for our two newest employees on my team. Can’t wait for the next big event so I can get my craft on!

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Spice up your cube.

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I spend approximately 71% of my life at the office, mostly in my cubicle. I have recently upgraded to a lovely window seat, with a view of Coit Tower, but I have been trying to think of creative ways to make my corner of the world a little more colorful. Since I now have access to natural sunlight, I thought what better than to have a glass terrarium which are all the rage right now? They are easy to maintain, cheery and bring a little greenery to my (sometimes) monotonous environment. I was researching how to make one on my own and came across some lovely ideas. I think it’s important to surround myself with things that inspire me, at home and at the office, especially since I work and live in a creative environment. I’ll forever be on the lookout for these things, do you have any great ideas to spice up a boring old cubicle?

forest in a jar.

tortoise loves donkey etsy shop.

potted terrarium.

west elm open faced terrariums.


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Weekend sample sale.

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I went to my company sample sale yesterday and scored some awesome apothecary jars, a beautiful glass cake stand, some cookie cutters and a ton of bedding and curtains (specially requested by my mother). I had the summer parties I’m planning in mind so I was excited when I saw all these jars to use for decorations. I’m also just obsessed with pretty jars lately. I’ll get double usage for our home too! I’m still deciding what to put in them but thanks to the sample sale, I’ve accelerated my collection. Also thanks to the sample sales, our home is slowly being furnished by fancy furniture, kitchenware and linens. Reason #462 why I love my job!

my favorite sample sale finds.


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Paper jam.

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Lately I/We’ve been obsessed with prints (mostly to fill our blank walls). Letter press prints in particular. I came across these from Paper Jam Press and love the simplicity/sarcasm/ode to classic rock and pop. A nice frame and a simple design like this can do wonders for a plain white wall.

how you like me now.

if i had to sum up my life in 3 words.

paper jam press.

chicken + bear

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Just another Thursday.

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Thank you work, for making the office an enjoyable place to come to. Not only do I enjoy sitting on our rooftop Urban Garden for lunch everyday, but now you’re even providing our very own Sustainable Development Farmers Market in the alleyway of the office. Can’t wait for a delicious Chinese taco from the Kung Fu Taco Truck!

Also featuring: El Porteño Empanadas, Tacolicious, Piperade, Scream Sorbet and Capay Valley Farm Shop.

CORRECTION: Farmer’s Market will be held Wednesday, Sept. 29th. Join me for lunch!


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The end of an era.

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hello + goodbye

Yesterday I said goodbye (for now) to my co-workers. It’s funny how 9-5 jobs work, when you start seeing your co-workers more than you see your own family. Friendships form, drama unfolds (yes, just like in high school and college) and sometimes you learn a little more about people than you ever wanted to know. I have to give credit to some of my colleagues that made going cross-eyed in front of the computer bearable. I started at that company when I was only 17, a wide-eyed freshman in college and have since become a “bona fide” professional. I have so much to be grateful for, for being given the opportunities my work provided for me and the trust and belief they instilled in me when I was so new the “real world”.

Next on the agenda, I start my new job bright and early after Labor Day. Yes, this is a much larger company, and yes, I’m going corporate. But I will finally be working in a creative environment with creative people that speak the same design language as me (proofing/type/spreads/*deadlines*)! What more can a graphic designer ask for? I’m nervous and excited for what’s to come, for starting all over, and most of all, beginning a new chapter of my life. This weekend I will get as organized as possible so when the mayhem begins, I will be calm as a pickle (within reason). Here’s to the start of a productive weekend, time to get creative!

lovely things

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