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A special birthday celebration

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Today is my dad’s birthday! It’s also the day before my birthday but I’m okay with that. We’ve had quite a big year, with him giving me, his youngest daughter, away at my wedding in September. He’s had a couple of health scares this year as well so I’m just thankful we get to celebrate another year of him. I can’t thank my lucky stars enough to have been raised by a man who taught me how to work hard and be able to laugh at myself sometimes. I love the photos the Manchiks captured of my dad during our wedding ceremony. Cheers to the sweetest and charismatic man I know (I mean, look at that last photo!), happy birthday!



photos by the manchiks

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photos by JAMIE

Yoga Jasmine

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My sister Jasmine is the most interesting person I know. She is a social worker at a maximum security prison, paddle boards almost everyday, was a master triathlete, lived on a boat and is now pursuing a teaching career in yoga. This weekend she taught her first community yoga class in Berkeley, California. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go to the class so she came down for a visit and gave me my very own private yoga lesson at a nearby park. I have always learned so much from her and am constantly inspired by her energetic passion for life.

Not all yoga people are vegetarians or vegans.
Not all yoga people are fit and healthy.
Not all yoga people are white and affluent.
Not all yoga people are hippies.
Not all yoga people are minimalists.
Not all yoga people are young and lithe.

Yoga is for everyone who strives to be mindful, present and compassionate.

- Bryonie Wise



photos by jforjamie

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photos by JAMIE

Cuckoo’s Nest West.

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We have amazingly talented friends. Two of whom are also a design-y duo, Hailee and Jake (located in Los Angeles), and are starting up their own photography biz as Cuckoo’s Nest West. Even though it was their own anniversary weekend, they spent our wedding day with us. Before I do the big reveal of our wedding photographer’s photos, I’d love to share some of our wedding moments captured through the eyes and lenses of Hailee and Jake. Check out their website for some more beautiful work and a sweet recap of our day. Oh and I should forewarn you, if you peruse through their site, you may come across some ridiculously adorable photos of their precious baby girl, Harper. Be prepared!









IMG_2799 photos by cuckoo’s nest west


photos by JAMIE

Hazel + Eli’s 1st Birthday, Part I.

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Over the weekend, we celebrated the first birthday of two of the most adorable twin babies ever. Hazel and Eli’s parents, Nick and Milcah, threw the party in the most amazing setting in Oakland at Roberts Regional Recreation Park. I had the honor of helping with some of the party decorations (specifically the flower centerpieces, birthday garland and balloon table decor). Milcah wanted to use lots of color for the decorations and it was perfect with the forest as a backdrop. I obviously took a million photos so I’ll be sharing more photos from the party on Friday (all the kids at the party were too cute for words). Nick and Milcah and their family are so much fun, it was a lovely celebration and I’m so happy we got to be a part of it!
















photos by jforjamie ©


photos by JAMIE

The Courvoisier’s.

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Specifically the Courvoisier baby, Moana. I’m about to overload you with cuteness. After our hike, Cheryl and I got pedicures and then went back to the Courvoisier abode and played with Moana. I must have snapped about 100 photos of her just drinking her bottle because she was so darn cute doing it. I mean, the whole family is gorgeous so no wonder their child is one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. I don’t know what’s in the water but our friends produce some pretty darn cute kids.






photos by jforjamie ©

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photos by JAMIE

Saturday with Cheryl.

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This weekend, I spent a day with my lovely and gorgeous friend Cheryl in her city of San Ramon. We decided to go on a hike in the hills and have a picnic. The area of the East Bay where she lives is rolling with these lush hills that have peaks overlooking San Ramon and the surrounding cities. It’s quite beautiful! We were also some of the only people on the trails, maybe because it was 90-something degrees out. We got some girl-time, exercise and a lot of sun. Afterwards, we treated ourselves to pedicures and then spent some time with her gorgeous baby girl (more on that on Wednesday’s post). We’re making this type of outing a regular occurrence!





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photos by JAMIE

Jeremiah’s Birthday

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My sweet friend Joe planned a surprise birthday dinner for his partner Jeremiah in Mountain View at Sakoon. Jer was genuinely surprised (which is the best) to see everyone and it was so lovely spending time with everyone. Also, the food was delicious! My sister also brought a gigantic chocolate cake from Susie Cakes that was to die for. Such a wonderful celebration for a wonderful person, happy birthday Jer!









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photos by JAMIE

Belated birthday brunch.

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We celebrated my lovely friend, Nova’s, birthday a tad late by having brunch in Hayes Valley in San Francisco. Nova picked a cozy and delicious restaurant called Chez Maman and we met up with my other friend Stormy and her boo Chris. I ordered a pear and endive salad that was AMAZING and french onion soup (I can never resist FOS). Stormy brought the most delicious french macaroons to top off our meal. Afterwards we walked around Hayes Valley and I quickly decided it’s my new favorite neighborhood. More on the neighborhood later, happy birthday again Nova!






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photos by JAMIE


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I am so delighted to introduce Victoria of the blog xoxo-victoria. We (virtually) met recently but I instantly fell in love with her blog and design aesthetic. I love meeting new readers and I’m so flattered Victoria spent the time to make an appearance on my site. I’m so excited for this newfound friendship and to share her blog with you!


I am absolutely flattered Jamie asked me to do a guest post on her blog. I just recently started blogging the beginning of this year, 2013. I have always had a passion for photography, fashion and design. After years of school and late night studying had  sucked the creativity out of me, I felt like I lost a bit of myself. So, my friends and family encouraged me to start a blog to let my imagination flow, show my work, and express myself. It has been a wonderful, refreshing experience, and I have met talented and inspiring people. I am grateful and only hope to be an inspiration as well.

hello - Jamie

As you all know, Jamie is in the process of wedding planning. Exciting! For me, it can be difficult to find something to wear as a guest. You want to dress appropriate: not too casual but not too formal; fabulous, but not outshine the bride. Jamie described their wedding style as “vintage, handmade, and whimsical,” and two of their main colors are mint and light pink. So I put together two sweet and gorgeous looks. They can be dressed up or down for daytime and evening – just add more sparkle for night-time.
Wishing the wonderful couple a lifetime of love and happiness.
wedding guest - Jamie

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photos by JAMIE

Lake Vasona.

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One of my best friends/bridesmaids/partner-in-crime, Stormy, invited me to meet her at a nearby park with her dog, her boo and his family. I had no idea this place even existed and it was just a short 10 minute drive from our home. I was obsessed with the ducks or geese (whatever they were) roaming about the park amongst the people. There’s even a little train for the kiddos that goes around the park. I loved getting to spend some quality time with Stormy (thank you for listening to all the wedding gab) and meeting her future family in law. One of the highlights of the lake is that downtown Los Gatos is just up the road, my new favorite shopping district. Another hidden gem added to the list, thanks Stormy!

photos by jforjamie ©

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photos by JAMIE