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Flawlessly Flawed

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I just read the article “Flawlessly Flawed” by Erin Willis-McNeely in issue 5 of Darling Magazine. She talks about the pressures magazines put on women to look thinner, less wrinkly, more sexy. The list goes on and on. I’ve spent the past couple months criticizing myself for not working out long enough or feeling guilty for eating (and enjoying) delicious things like pizza. When I get like this, I need to reset and remember her words – “you are more than enough just the way you are.” I hope everyone remembers these words for yourselves, have a lovely weekend.

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Moving on

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We recently decided to end the lease on our apartment and move into a vacant old family house until we can buy a place of our own. So this weekend was spent packing, moving and unpacking. It’s a huge change and will be challenging for different reasons but we’re embracing it and we couldn’t be more appreciative of the opportunity. The house is full of amazing old charm since it was originally Chris’ grandparents’ and almost everything is still in it’s place. We’re occupying a couple rooms and will help sort through the other things to start clearing it out. So for now, we’re enjoying the new scenery and feel like we’re living in a really cool antique shop. Did I mention there are about 100 old clocks hanging up all over the house?








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Life lessons from my dog.

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After a week of being sick with the cold (and the flu for Chris), I’ve realized how much we sometimes need to take a break. Taking long walks with my dog, Roxy, is a moment in the day when I’m just spending time outside and watching her be so content with (literally) every little bush and stick she comes across. I think sometimes we can all learn a little something from our happy-go-lucky pets.




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Appreciate beauty in ordinary things. Everyday we go on the same walk, we pass by the same things and sometimes even the same people and their dogs. But Roxy is equally excited every time, like it’s a new adventure and she can’t wait to find all the interesting things we may come across. I like to switch up my means of transportation so I can see things in a new light. When I ride a bike or walk instead of whizzing by things in a car, I see things I may not have otherwise noticed.

Get lots of rest. Roxy gets to nap about 80% of the day, maybe that’s not humanly possible in normal adulthood (nor productive) but we should all take the time to sit down and relax.

Be happy to come home. No one is as excited for me to come home than my little pup. She is consistently ecstatic to see me every single time I walk through the door. Her wagging tail is one of the main reasons I look forward to coming home every day but also because I have a loving family and a warm bed to sleep in every night. I thank my lucky stars for all the people and things I have in my life.

Be nice to people. Roxy’s not the biggest fan of other dogs, squirrels, cats or other furry animals but she loves people. She bypasses the dogs and waltzes right up to their owners to say hi. Saying a friendly hello never hurt anyone. Plus, taking the time to talk to my neighbors always makes me like living here more. I need to learn to say hi to the owners and not just their dogs.

Tell your loved ones how you feel about them. Every night Roxy will come up and nudge us to pet her or she’ll roll over for a belly rub. When her tail is wagging and she looks like she’s smiling, I truly believe she can feel how much she is loved and vice versa. I am so grateful for the people in my life and I don’t think I express that enough to them. It’s never too late to start!


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Get out and vote!

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Heading to my local voting poll before going to work. No matter who you vote for or what issues matter most to you, please take the time today to cast your vote (preferably for President Barack Obama). See you at the polls!

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It’s been such an amazing adventure watching our baby houseguest, Nouri, grow up before our eyes. I know he’s only been here for about 2 1/2 months,  but that’s a lot in baby years! I feel like he gets a little bigger everyday and I’m hoping that any second now, he’ll take his first step or say his first real word (German or english). I feel like he’s become really accustomed to Chris and I (and our cool iPhones) and I think that’s pretty special. You learn a lot by living with people but living with people and their baby has been a huge and positive learning experience. Can’t wait to have our own some day! Until then, I’m working on Nouri’s first word to be “California”. Or “Jamie is the best” will do.

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Ah, the good ol’ days.

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My Mom gave me a huge box of old pictures to rifle through and I’m coming across some pretty sweet gems. Ready for a little blast from the past? Welcome to my childhood, circa 80′s and 90′s. You can thank my mother for the entertaining outfits and hairstyles.

just for fun

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Hooray, it’s Friday! I can’t believe I survived this week, 13 hour work days are exhausting! When I get home this afternoon, I plan on plopping myself right into bed for a much needed nap. Then it’s time for some long awaited Halloween crafting I’ve been geared up to do but had no time for. I have a feeling this weekend is going to turn out to be a busy one even though we have no plans for it yet. San Francisco Halloweens are always an adventure!

can’t wait to catch up on my sleep!


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Summer is…

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Tracy from Shutterbean (who’s a co-host on the Joy the Baker podcast that gets me through the work day) recently posted what Summer is to her. Since I’ve been doing a lot of complaining on the lack of warm weather in this town, I thought it’d be nice to re-think the things I like about summer rather than dislike. I suppose in retrospect, I actually appreciate this cold weather while most of the country is boiling and suffering from extreme heat waves. Plus, it makes us appreciate summer vacations, sandals, ice cream and other summery things that much more. Us Bay Area folks don’t take a warm sunny day for granted. Here’s what summer is to me.

dinner from food trucks at off the grid.

live music and farmer’s markets

lounging by the pool.

a fresh summer salad.

balloons for any occasion.

a delicious homemade Mieuli burger.

a ballgame at AT&T park.


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Klementine comes to town.

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My friend Klementine came to stay with us this past weekend. Klem and I have been friends for a long time, we weathered through high school together and she kept me sane during our journalism days. Klem just graduated (yay!) from the French Culinary Institute in New York City so I wanted to impress her with Northern California’s vast selection of gourmet food. We took her to all our favorite staples of Berkeley: Summer Kitchen Bakeshop, Ici, Philz Coffee, Grégoire., Everett & Jones BBQ and Miette Bakery (phew!). We also spent some time wandering Telegraph Avenue and the UC Berkely campus (which we’ve never done before). We didn’t want to neglect San Francisco, so we went out for dinner and drinks and met up with another friend, Laura, who’s from Visalia but lives in the city. It was definitely a busy, gourmet-filled weekend but I always love hanging out with Klem because she makes me (and Chris) laugh until my stomach hurts. I think I may have even convinced Klementine to move up here when she comes back to California!


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A birthday celebration in Point Reyes.

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Roxy, Chris and I packed up the car and headed up to Marshall, CA to spend the day at Tomales Bay Oyster Company with our lovely friends, Stormy and her boyfriend (also named) Chris. It was a sort of make up birthday celebration for Stormy since we had to miss her actual birthday last weekend (attending the baby showers). We also met another lovely couple, a co-worker of Stormy’s and his ladyfriend, Brandon and Leticia. We spent the day shucking, barbecuing, playing games and walking along the beach. The location was perfect, a short drive but felt like we were in a whole different country, and the weather was chilly but beautiful. We bought 2 bags of fresh oysters that we shucked and ate raw with some delicious sauces Stormy made. Roxy spent the day chasing the lone cat that appeared out of nowhere and exploring (she is exhausted and currently snoring next to me as I type). We love getting to spend time with Chris and Stormy and this was the perfect location and day trip to do so. We can’t wait to go back during the summer when the weather warms up. I highly recommend this to anyone who lives around here or is up visiting, it’s another (not so hidden) gem of California.

chicken + bear

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