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J for Jamie 3.0

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J for Jamie Blog | Site Redesign

I’m so excited to officially share the new look for J for Jamie! This re-design was, once again, done by my talented husband Chris of I Heart Design Studio. He did this for me as a birthday present when I mentioned wanting to refresh the site. I just said I wanted a cleaner look, bigger photos and easy navigation and let Chris take the creative reigns. I am so happy with the outcome, I don’t think anyone else could have known my vision better than my own husband. We have even more exciting projects coming and I can’t wait to tell you all about it here soon!

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photos by JAMIE

Meet Sonia

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I am so pleased to introduce Sonia Scarr who currently lives in New York City. She is crazy talented and happens to be my cousin I’ve inherited through marriage. Sonia recently started an independent design studio called Love Dart. Her shop features a line of handcrafted leather goods and accessories designed and hand-stitched by Sonia herself. I am so inspired by Sonia and her work, I just had to feature her on J for Jamie. Here’s a peek into her life, work space and some of her beautiful handmade products (dying over that canteen bag). Also, if you’re curious, this is the meaning of Love Dart, fascinating!

Who she is / where she’s from / what inspires her by Sonia Scarr

I’m a designer/maker/generally creative person! I studied graphic design, but feel much more fulfilled by working with my hands (hence launching Love Dart). I originally grew up on a farm in rural New Jersey, but also spent part of my childhood in the metropolis of Hong Kong. I find that juxtaposition to be a huge influence on my design sense–the organic materials of nature with the sleek design of a city. Other than that, one of my biggest inspirations is science. There’s so much to pull from–the shapes of microorganisms, auroras and eclipses, the natural patterns of geometry, like in a snowflake or turtle shell. The other big inspiration is any artifact from the past 300 years or so–any ephemera, bottle, box, furniture or trinket you could find in an antique store.


jforjamie | meet sonia of love dart

jforjamie | meet sonia of love dart - products
photos provided by sonia scarr

instagram / @love_dart
twitter / @lovedartstudio
pinterest / love dart studioblog / love dart blog


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Wishing you all a lovely Friday today. One of my favorite little details from our wedding were the love quote cards that we made for each place setting. I thought today would be a great day to share them! We didn’t want conventional (re: cheesy) quotes so we picked sayings from movies and songs that we love. Now you can print them out at home (formatted for letter-sized paper) and give them to your own sweethearts, just click the link below to download. Because everyone loves a good Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure quote.





 photos by the Manchiks




photos by JAMIE

Brit + Co. Makeshop

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The Brit + Co. Makeshop is one of the coolest creative spaces in San Francisco and it’s open to the public! Located at the Brit + Co. headquarters, is a space to make, with tons of DIY materials including 3-D and laser cut printers, paints and Brit Kits. The other side is a shop with items sourced from local designers and shops. They welcomed us into the shop during our blogger meet up and it was a perfect place to mingle and get creative. The Makeshop also holds classes like 3-D laser printing and puff pastry making so I’m grabbing some girlfriends and signing up!





photos by chris mieuli

blog party

photos by JAMIE

The Makery

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During our day in Los Altos with the Torrez family, we stopped by a shop called The Makery. I think I’ve found my dream store. It’s filled to the brim with colorful party decor, crafting supplies and unique home items. They also hold various workshops like sewing, knitting and calligraphy and even have a space to hold a party. It’s every DIY-er’s dream and I’m so happy it’s so close to where we live. I really want to throw a party just so I can get everything from The Makery.






























photos by jforjamie.

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Santa’s Little Sweatshop

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I’m mostly posting about this because I can’t believe I got my butt in action and completed some of my handmade gifts before Christmas. I’ve turned our kitchen into a little sweatshop (sorry Chris). Since I’m a novice sewer, I started with an easy project like this one so I could get familiar with my sewing machine and master the basics before moving on to more complicated projects. Then I made a little craft apron complete with pockets for crayons and markers for my niece. This will go with a little craft trunk full of fun supplies to get creative. I’m putting all of it together myself so I can customize it just for her. The other is a blanket that’s for my other niece’s first birthday who was born on December 31st last year. I wanted to make something unique, colorful, soft and cuddly and found this easy tutorial. Luckily, she’s a baby and won’t notice the mistakes and crooked stitches. Kids make the best DIY gift receivers!




photos by jforjamie

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photos by JAMIE

Christmas Gifts For The Little Ones

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The Christmas countdown has begun! As I shared before, I’m attempting to have a majority DIY Christmas this year but I realized most of the projects I shared weren’t kid-friendly. I was getting my butt in gear this weekend and got my Christmas gift list in order and see that I have a few kiddos to shop for. I started researching and found so many adorable gift ideas, I had to share some of my favorites from around the web. All the kids in our family are 5 and under so my picks are age appropriate. You still have time to start a project but if you don’t, buy a unique handmade version online. Either way, better get moving!


Make It
1 //
Embroidered Fox Kit
2 // Tree Branch Crayons
3 // Canvas Teepee
4 // Matchbox People
 // Heart Cushion


Buy It
1 // Pirate Ship Rattles
2 // Tree Branch Colored Pencils
3 // Lace Teepee
4 // Big Sister Matchbox Mouse
5 // Tiny Toast Pouf

Intro // Felt Gnome

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photos by JAMIE

A DIY Christmas

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Every year around this time, I come up with a grand plan of how I’m going to make all my Christmas gifts. I usually fail miserably and end up buying everyone’s gifts. So, I gave myself a kick in the pants last weekend and started getting ready for a true DIY Christmas. The first stop was the Internet to figure out what I’m going to make. The DIY criteria this year was that the gifts had to be something simple and not overly ambitious to make. I have a nice collection of fabric to use so I wanted to get some practice on my sewing machine. And lastly, I wanted to make something that would actually be useful. Aside from Pinterest, one of my favorite sites to browse for crafty ideas is Craft Gawker. Here are some simple and easy DIY gifts I collected from the internet. Time to get cracking on those Christmas gifts!

See more of my other favorite finds on Pinterest.


Intro // Stenciled Tea Towels

1 // Zippered Case

2 // Cinnamon Body Scrub

3 // Tea Towels

4 // Denim Pencil Case

5 // Lavender Goats Milk Soap

6 // Painted Cork Coasters

7 // Leather Cord Tacos

8 // Coffee Cozies

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Card hoarder.

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I love a good handwritten card. I love giving them, receiving them and sometimes just buying one because it’s pretty or funny and maybe sometime in the future I’ll use it. I have a huge box of cards that I keep on hand for those special occasions. And when there’s a really special celebration happening, I go to one of my favorite stationery stores to pick out just the right one. I also keep almost every card I receive, I can’t bring myself to throw them away, they’re so precious. In the day in age of texts and e-mails, receiving a card filled with someone’s carefully articulated words, written just for me, is something I have to cherish forever and ever. One can show so much thought and emotion by the card they give and what they write in it. Of course, I’m a sucker especially for letterpressed cards. These are some of my favorites I’ve collected over time.









For the wedding celebrations, I/we received a lot of beautiful congratulatory cards and letters from all our family and friends. I managed to compile all the bridal shower cards, but we have about a hundred more from the wedding.  I have them stored in a box, ready to be put in a book for keepsake. Call me a card hoarder, it’s true!






designed and photographed by jforjamie ©
See more cards from sweet friends and President Obama on my Instagram, @jforjamie.

The White Cabinet // Lady Pilot Letterpress // Fare-well Paperie // Dutch Door Press // Papyrus // Rifle Paper Co. // Night Owl Paper Goods // Sapling Press // Whigby

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Renegade Treats.

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I visited the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco over the weekend. I tried to stay on path with my list of things I needed but of course, I strayed. I left with some beautiful prints, a couple pieces of jewelry, some gold craft scissors and paper flowers for the wedding. I also left with tons of business cards for the things I desperately wanted but have to budget for another time. Like the antique fair, I can’t stay away from the Renegade, it’s just so inspiring. Can’t wait to share more photos!

renegadetreat_1acorn and archer

renegadetreat_2honey and bloom

renegadetreat_3the medium control

renegadetreat_4lisa chow art

renegadetreat_5oh hello friend

renegadetreat_6blooms in the air

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