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Cancun Minimoon!

Posted By Jamie Wong >>> 4 Comments

Immediately following the wedding, Chris and I took a week long vacation to Playa Mujueres in Cancun, Mexico. We have been calling it a “mini-moon” because we are planning a much longer and extensive honeymoon to Thailand early next year. After the wedding, we wanted to relax beachside and basically do nothing but order drinks and swim in the warm ocean water. The Excellence Resort allowed us to do just that with a swim-up suite and the friendliest service. We only took one excursion out snorkeling and to Isla Mujeres to explore the little island town. It was a perfect getaway to decompress from the wedding and enjoy our wedded bliss, we were so relaxed (and sunburnt) we almost didn’t want to come home! Please enjoy some snapshots of our mini-moon via my iPhone and handy point-and-shoot.





























chicken + bear

photos by JAMIE

Wedding Update: Tied the knot!

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On Sunday, September 1st, Chris and I tied the knot! We had a beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, magical celebration in Piedmont, CA. About 160 of our closest family and friends surrounded us with so much love and happiness it was unbelievable. We truly felt so special to have the blessings of so many people in our lives. It definitely went by in a blur and I wish I could relive that day everyday for the rest of my life. Before I share all the photos and DIY projects from the days leading up to the wedding and the day of, I have to gush a little bit.

I’ll admit, I have a tendency to project worry about things before they even happen (or don’t happen). However, after all my anticipation and concern, our wedding was more perfect than I could have ever imagined. All the little details and projects we spent over a year hashing out went exactly as planned. One of the most memorable moments of the day was our first look that we did before the ceremony. It definitely relieved a lot of the anticipation and pressure and it was so nice to have a moment just between us (and our amazing photographers). I don’t think my words can begin to express my feelings and overwhelming joy and sincere happiness I felt on our wedding day – so I’ll try and share all the details via photos as I receive them.

Immediately following the wedding, Chris and I went on a week long “mini-moon” to Playa Mujeres in Cancun, Mexico. We came back Saturday to our sweet dog and a house load of things to clean up and organize. It’s back to work and reality today – but as a newlywed! We’ve had quite a big week but I’m happy to be back on the blog-o-sphere. Let me forewarn you, the next year of blogging will probably be filled with wedding details that I’m very excited to share. Happy Monday and it’s good to be back!



Photo from our wedding photo booth by John Carlson.


photos by JAMIE

4 Years! (and counting)

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4 years ago I was single, celebrating Obama’s inauguration and dabbling in a match.com account. Then I spotted a cute guy and his well-written profile in a sea of of millions of people. And thereby blossomed a beautiful online dating success story. After a slew of e-mails, Chris and I met on August 7, 2009 and we haven’t looked back since. To say it was love at first sight would be cliché but it was definitely “time to cancel our match.com accounts at first sight”. We’ve made so many memories in the past four years, I can’t believe this is just the beginning. I could gush all day but I’ll just say that I’m marring this guy in 22 days and I feel so incredibly lucky, (admittedly nervous) and SO excited. The wedding countdown continues!


photo by Breanna Carin // hire her, she’s great


photos by JAMIE

Wedding Update: (Mini) Honeymoon Booked!

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We booked our honeymoon! Well, we booked our first honeymoon that we’re calling our “mini-moon”. We’re saving up vacation time and money for our trip to Thailand next year but we know we’ll we need a break following our wedding. A relaxing week in Cancun, Mexico sounds like the perfect way to unwind, melt away all the wedding stress, enjoy our marital bliss and drink margaritas out of coconuts served to us poolside on the beach. I’ll go ahead and say the first week of September 2013 is going to be the best week ever!


 {photo found here}

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photos by JAMIE

Stevens Creek Trail.

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We thought it was time to do a little more exploring in our neck of the woods so Chris found an urban trail and off we went! We walked from our little town of Cupertino all the way to downtown Mountain View. It was a great trail with lots of beautiful South Bay foliage. The best was ending in Mountain View where we could conveniently sit down and have lunch (we picked sushi). I’d like to try biking down this trail because it seems perfect for a nice ride. The weather down here is about 20 degrees warmer than San Francisco so I think we’ll be outside a lot this summer!








photos by jforjamie ©

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photos by JAMIE

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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I find Valentine’s Day to be mostly cheesy and annoying. But it can also be romantic and it’s a day solely dedicated to loving one another, so how can I resist wishing everyone a very happy super sweet Valentine’s Day? Chris and I will be laying low with a home cooked dinner and a relaxing evening at home with our pup. Hope your evening (and every other evening) is full of love, friendship and laughter. Valentine or not, treat yo’self to something sweet because you deserve it!

vday_blogphoto by breanna carin holderby


photos by JAMIE

My wedding shoes.

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Given to me by none other than my handsome/darling/wonderfully romantic future husband. I came home Sunday night to the sweetest note and the most beautiful pair of Kate Spade shoes to wear on our wedding day. Chris snuck on to my Pinterest board to find them because he wanted to get me a present (oh how I love Pinterest!). He gave them to me just in time for my first dress fitting so I could try them on with the dress. According to my dress “entourage”, they looked perfect! Thank you so much my sweet and thoughtful fiance!

me with my wedding dress!
{photo by nova}

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photos by JAMIE

Exploring the South Bay.

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I am determined to find the little hidden gems that I know exist in the South Bay. So Chris and I woke up bright and early to go exploring/hiking near our home at the Fremont Older and it was simply beautiful! The weather was cold, crisp and sunny and the hike was perfect and leisurely. The view at the top showed all of the Silicon Valley and you can practically see the technology buzzing. I love that this place is practically in our backyard! And yes, that is a bunny rabbit on a leash going for a hike – and it’s not ours.

photos by jforjamie ©

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photos by JAMIE

year 2012 in review.

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Hello hello! I hope everyone has been having as lovely a holiday season as I have. I can’t believe it’s the day before 2013 already (and the world didn’t end!). It’s crazy how much can happen in one year and I must say, 2012 was an exciting one. Indeed, my fiance, family and friends like to keep life interesting. Of course, the happiest and most memorable moment for me was when Chris asked me to marry him. I’ll never forget the overwhelming joy and excitement I felt that night. The whole year wasn’t as blissful as that evening though, as we said goodbye to one of our beautiful dogs. Chris and I also started new jobs and moved cities which has been a huge and positive change for both of us. Overall, I feel really lucky to look back on this year and remember how much love and support we have been surrounded by. Also counting my lucky stars for our loved ones’ good health, despite a couple scares along the way. Here are a few memorable events that happened this year – I can’t wait to see what 2013 will bring. Have a fun and safe new year’s eve tonight!

{jan, feb, mar, apr, may, jun, jul, aug, sept, oct, nov, dec}
jforjamie ©

**What better way to end this year than with the birth of Chris’ niece! Received news that baby Cecelia was born at 6am today. Congratulations Nicole and Ben!**



photos by JAMIE

Setting Up.

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Happy December! We recently packed up and migrated south to be closer to work and conveniently, it’s also closer to Chris’ family. We’ve been slowly getting our new home together but it’s definitely a work in progress. Moving into a new space is always an adventure, figuring out our furniture configuration, decorating, re-decorating and putting our personal touches. It’s interesting how we manage to fit all our things into a new space. Since we plan on being here until we buy some digs of our own, I really want to make this as lovely a habitat as possible. Here are some of our completed finishing touches thus far.

{entryway: upcycled vintage cabinet + made amy butler runner + fresh daisies + snow globe collection + found vintage frame + cardboard moose head }

{my baking cabinet: cookbooks and magazines + baking supplies + anthro aprons + tablecloths + dog bowls}

{kitchen counter: squirrel cookie jar + map tile of capri, italy + owl butter dish + mustard yellow tea kettle}

{chris’ pride and joy: vintage record players + beating heart poster}

{guest bath:  bird apothecary jar + french matches + candles + message in a bottle + ornate picture frame (kid picture of me) + west elm fragrance sticks}

{guest bath: west elm bath curtain + m (is for mieuli) hand towels}

{master bath: found soaps, match box from italy + anthropologie plate + candles + crabtree and evelyn hand lotion}

chicken + bear

photos by JAMIE