About Me


Hello! I’m Jamie (and that’s my man Chris). We were recently married on September 1st, 2013 in beautiful Piedmont, California.

I write, photograph, design, collaborate, travel and eat for jforjamie.com and I’m so flattered you’re here to read about it. Chris is my life partner and happens to also be a graphic designer (credit to him for my current blog design) and sometimes we get lucky enough to work together on projects we’re passionate about. When we do, we’re called i heart design studio.

This year, we started Blog Party, a collective meetup for bloggers of all stripes to meet and mingle. If you’re a blogger and want to meet other bloggers in the flesh, hop on over to the Blog Party site to learn all about it and join the party!

I was raised in the heart of California in the Central Valley. I moved to San Francisco for college and now can’t imagine leaving the beautiful Bay Area. Armed with my graphic design degree, I have entered the professional world and currently work at a Silicon Valley tech company. After my 9-5 (and the occasional happy hour), I spend my time tapping into my own creativity to find things that inspire me to design, create and explore.

My findings, inspirations, creations, wedding and photos of our dog can be found right here and I’m thrilled to share with you.

Thanks for reading!