We love oysters

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J for Jamie Blog | Tomales Bay Weekend

On our way home from Tomales Bay, we made a couple stops at The Marshall Store and Hog Island Oyster Company to have fresh oysters. Chris and I both love oysters so we had to try them out. The oysters at both places come directly from the bay so they’re fresh as can be. The oysters are one of the main reasons we love going up to Tomales Bay. I love that you can sit outside with a beautiful view of the bay and eat delicious food, it’s just heaven!

J for Jamie Blog | Tomales Bay Weekend

J for Jamie Blog | Tomales Bay Weekend

J for Jamie Blog | Tomales Bay Weekend

J for Jamie Blog | Tomales Bay Weekend

J for Jamie Blog | Tomales Bay Weekend

J for Jamie Blog | Tomales Bay Weekend

J for Jamie Blog | Tomales Bay Weekend

J for Jamie Blog | Tomales Bay Weekend

J for Jamie Blog | Tomales Bay Weekend

J for Jamie Blog | Tomales Bay Weekend

J for Jamie Blog | Tomales Bay Weekend

J for Jamie Blog | Tomales Bay Weekend

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Tomales Bay Weekend

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J for Jamie Blog | Tomales Bay Weekend

For Chris’ birthday, I thought it would be nice to plan a relaxing weekend away so I chose Tomales Bay. There is a mix of good food and fun outdoorsy things to do in the area so it was perfect for our low-key getaway. We rented an Airbnb, went kayaking, walked around town, visited Cowgirl Creamery (our favorite!) and had dinner at Nick’s Cove on the water. We also did some oyster tasting on the way home. It was a lovely weekend with just the two of us and perfect weather. I love Tomales Bay!















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Feeling like a failure

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J for Jamie Blog | Santa Barbara

I’ve always believed that bloggers shouldn’t apologize for being away for long periods of time – life happens and sometimes blogging just has to take a backseat. Well, I have seriously gone hiatus and I’ve felt terrible about it. Not because I haven’t been posting but more because I haven’t wanted to post for this long. I have folder after folder on my computer of things I planned to blog about and when I’d sit down to start the posting process, I just couldn’t muster up the energy. And to be totally honest, it’s made me feel like a failure. Like I’ve let someone down, mostly myself.

The past couple months, I got completely bogged down with work, clocking 19 hour days and not even seeing Chris or Charlie (awake) for days at a time. Work demanded all 100% of me and I made a conscious decision to give in. But that meant sacrifices – I had to cancel a Blog Party, I didn’t have time to answer personal emails or even texts for that matter and I completely lost touch. Even the thought of sitting back down at a computer when I got home, made me feel nauseous. That being said, my crazy schedule has calmed down now and I’ve reevaluated my priorities. Surprisingly, I feel rejuvenated. It’s a difficult decision to choose between work and your passion but sometimes you have to choose the one that pays the bills and I think that’s okay in the end (as long as it’s not all the time).

Regardless, I’m back to feeling like blogging will be a wonderful creative outlet and not a burden. I have so many adventures over the summer that I want to share and many more to come. Thank you for sticking with me!

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Left Field

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Whenever Chris and I travel, we love to find a fun shop to find a souvenir or plant to bring home. We were in San Luis Obispo for our friend’s wedding and passed this amazing store called Left Field where they sell “unexpected goods and greenery”. On our way home, we stopped in and picked up some fun things for the house and, of course, a succulent! If you’re ever in the Central Coast, you should definitely check this store out!












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Golden State Warriors Parade

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J for Jamie Blog | Golden State Warriors Parade

If you haven’t heard, the Golden State Warriors won the 2015 NBA Championship for the first time since 1975! Chris and I had the honor of representing his family in the Warriors Championship Parade on June 19th in Oakland, California. I have to say it, it was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had and I felt most undeserving of it. We met with all the old Warrior legends, sat on top of a cool convertible in the parade and then got to hang out with every Warriors person ever – including the whole 2015 team. I am so grateful for this opportunity and so happy I could be there with Chris – it’s definitely a day that we’ll re-live forever in our memories (I mean, look at Chris’ smile in the next photo). Go Warriors!







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Toting around + a giveaway!

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I always keep a reusable bag in my purse and a few in my car because in most of the Bay Area, you don’t get shopping bags for free anymore. I love finding fun reusable bags and collect them like I do shoes. That’s why I love the limited edition tote bags from Knock Knock. Since they sent over a couple of bags, I thought I’d fill them with fun things  and give them to a few of my friends, just in time for summer. Reusable bags are a great alternative to gift wrap and can be awesome gifts themselves and I’ve teamed up with Knock Knock who is giving away one of each of their bags so you can tote around in style!

To enter, sign up for the Knock Knock newsletter and then tell me which of the 3 totes is your favorite in the comments below (Me Me Me, Evil Twin, Do You Ever Feel). You can also tell me via Twitter or InstagramEnter until July 6, 2014

And, for a limited time, use code JAMIE20 for 20% off any order on knockknockstuff.com or plumbnotebooks.comCannot be combined with any other discount and expires 7/20/15.







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Santa Cruz Dog Beach

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J for Jamie Blog  | Santa Cruz Dog Beach

It’s funny how our lives have changed since getting Charlie. We spend almost all of our free time thinking about what we can do for or with Charlie. She’s still a very shy dog so we want to create experiences for her that will encourage her to be brave and confident. So when we find a dog-friendly restaurant, park or public space, we’re there! Our friends Derrick and Amy told us about an 0ff-leash dog beach in Santa Cruz. It’s nice and small so it’s easy to keep track of your pup. Charlie loves chasing other dogs so she had quite a day running around in the sand. She’s not quite sure yet about going in the water but we think the more we go, she’ll want to try it out one day! (more…)

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J for Jamie Blog | London

London, you are my new favorite city. We ended our trip in London and it was just perfect, albeit cold. Everything from our AirBnb to the food we ate was 100%. The only thing I wish is that we had more time there. After traveling for 3 weeks in countries where we didn’t speak the language, it was also refreshing to be able to order a meal in a restaurant without a struggle. My highlights from our time in London were seeing the crown jewels, visiting Westminster Abbey, having tea and scones after the Tate Modern and eating at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, Fifteen. It was just the perfect place to finish out our European vacation.
























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Blog Party, Los Angeles

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Blog Party | Dermalogica


Oh my goodness, I am so excited to share that Blog Party will be going to sunny Southern California at the Dermalogica headquarters on June 19th! I can’t wait to kick off the summer with a Blog Party and I’m thrilled to say it will be a new city so we can reach more bloggers. Dermalogica is a revolutionary skin-care company based in Los Angeles and their office space is just gorgeous. For more details and to get your ticket, visit the Blog Party website. Please help us spread to love to your favorite Los Angeles bloggers!

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Love Lock Bridge

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J for Jamie Blog | Paris

One thing I wanted to do while we were in Paris was put a lock on the “love lock” bridge. The tradition is to get a lock, write down the name of you and your lover, lock it on the bridge and throw the key in the river. We put our names on one side and Roxy’s name on the other. There are rumors that they are removing all the locks some day but at least we got to do it before that happened!

J for Jamie Blog | Paris

J for Jamie Blog | Paris

J for Jamie Blog | Paris

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