Hazel + Eli

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J for Jamie Blog | Hazel and Eli


Just wanted to share these smiling gems on this warm and sunny Friday. This is Eli and Hazel, two of the cutest kids you’ll ever meet. I remember when they were still in their mom’s belly and now they’re running around, doing robot impressions and dancing around. I got to spend a little time with them this week for our Munchery dinner so I snuck in a couple of photos. Happy Friday!

J for Jamie Blog | Hazel and Eli

J for Jamie Blog | Hazel and Eli

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Dinner for Five

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J for Jamie Blog | Munchery

I’ve partnered with Munchery this week to have dinner with one of my favorite families! Nick is a middle school teacher and Milcah has her hands full nannying a baby and watching her twin toddlers, Hazel and Eli. They also live in Oakland so with all of our busy schedules, we don’t get to see each other very often. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to have a delicious dinner together without worrying about cooking or the stress of going to a restaurant. I asked Milcah to pick out their meal options ahead of time, then we had it delivered directly to their house. We set up dinner in under 15 minutes, the kids loved all the orange packaging, and since the weather was so nice, we ate in the backyard. Hazel and Eli loved their kids’ spaghetti and fruit salad and we enjoyed our appetizers, entrees, desserts and wine, courtesy of Munchery!

I love using Munchery to share dinner with friends or for an easy weeknight dinner when I don’t have time to cook. Munchery is sharing the love with $15 off your order when using the code JFORJAMIE at check out, or click here to redeem. May I suggest surprising someone special with dinner tonight?
























J for Jamie Blog | Munchery

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J for Jamie Blog | Sausalito

My sister threw her man friend a beach day birthday celebration in Sausalito the other weekend. Despite my temporary handicap, we decided to go so we could see everyone and take Charlie to the beach for the first time. We brought blankets, beach chairs, bocce ball, lots of food and birthday cupcakes. It was sunny and slightly windy, perfect North Bay beach weather.



















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Life with Charlie | Month 1

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J for Jamie Blog | Charlie Mieuli

We’re in our third week with Charlie and we can’t believe how much she’s transformed. When she came home, she was frozen in fear. Her life as a baby surviving on her own with her siblings in an orchard made her wary of pretty much everything. By showering her with positive attention and treats, we’ve built up her comfort and confidence and she slowly went from shy and cowering in the corner to outgoing and playful. Take a look below to see all of Charlie’s first month of new adventures!


Within a couple days of coming home, Charlie stopped hiding behind the bushes and started to run around and play in the yard. The sounds of trucks scared her but she loves to explore the backyard, chase a ball, or run after Chris. We even caught her digging up holes to hide her chew toys – we have to keep a watchful eye on this girl!

J for Jamie Blog | Charlie Mieuli

J for Jamie Blog | Charlie Mieuli

Charlie visited the beach for the first time. We’ve noticed in new situations, she waits and watches from the sidelines and thoughtfully determines whether or not she wants to partake. She stayed close to us until she felt adventurous enough to get close to the water. But first, she threw up on the dock. Charlie’s still not so sure about the beach but we think with time, she’ll learn to love it.

J for Jamie Blog | Charlie Mieuli

Charlie saw the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time! I can’t wait to get out of my surgical boot so we can romp around the city and hike in the Marin Headlands with her. We want her to come to love the city as much as we do.

J for Jamie Blog | Charlie Mieuli

J for Jamie Blog | Charlie Mieuli

Her first time (and ours) at a dog park. Our vet recommended socializing her as much as possible to help build her confidence and the Saratoga Creek Dog Park in West San Jose is full of every breed and size dog you can imagine. It’s also separated by big and small dogs, right now Charlie is still on the small dog side. It’s a pretty intense experience for both dogs and humans but Charlie feels really comfortable around other dogs. Everyone wanted to say hi to her and the humans kept commenting on her big puppy paws and ears. Also, I think Chris was lapping up the attention more than anyone…can you spot him between the ladies?

J for Jamie Blog | Charlie Mieuli

Boy, puppies sure do stink! In that amazing way that I just can’t get enough of. Charlie doesn’t like the idea of having a bath but we know she loves the way it feels. Her fur dries surprisingly fast but like a true dog would, she got her stink back as quickly as possible by rolling around in the backyard as soon as we got home.

J for Jamie Blog | Charlie Mieuli

We’ve noticed Charlie’s ears change everyday. This is how they were when she came home, one folded and the other straight up. Some days they’re both straight up, sometimes they’re both folded. We don’t know if that’s normal but it’s pretty darn cute. We kind of hope they eventually stay one folded, one straight.

J for Jamie Blog | Charlie Mieuli

Like those cute monthly baby photos, I’m going take a photo of Charlie and her pillow every month (or week, at the rate she’s growing), so we can see how much she’s changing. Also, she sits so nicely in my Eames rocking chair while I take her photo – it’s just so adorable!

J for Jamie Blog | Charlie Mieuli

So there you have it. Our first month with our Charlie Mieuli. We think Roxy would approve of this little girl and we know she’s wagging her tail for us. I am so excited to track and share Charlie’s progress here as she learns and grows so quickly.

If you can’t get enough of this cuteness and want a little Shepard/Husky puppy for yourself, Charlie’s siblings, Milton and Sarge, are still available to rescue here. Adopt them and we can have play dates!

Follow along on our adventures via Instagram and search #CharlieMieuli.

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J for Jamie Blog | Amsterdam

Back to our Europe trip! Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities. I love all the different neighborhoods and how it feels big and bustling in some places and a quiet and quaint in others. There are people of all walks of life and everyone is so friendly. Because the city is so international, there are a ton of different types of delicious restaurants, lots of great shops and so much to see. We treated Amsterdam as our getaway city during the trip so we took it easy, rented bikes and putzed around. My favorite area is De Negen Straatjes or ‘The Nine Streets,” where there are tons of cute cafes, vintage shops and designer stores. We loved our AirBnb apartment and couldn’t get enough of the cute canal homes along the water. Chris, can we move here, pretty please?











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Santa Barbara

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J for Jamie Blog | Santa Barbara

I recently went down to Santa Barbara for my lovely friend Kym’s bachelorette party. Kym is one of my dear friends from high school, we were in a lot of the same classes but we also played water polo and were on the swim team together. She’s marrying a guy named Tyler, whom we also went to high school with so their wedding is going to be quite the reunion and I can’t wait! In Santa Barabara, we rented a huge victorian house near the beach. At the end of the weekend, before we went our separate ways, some of us grabbed brunch at the cutest little place called Scarlett Begonia. The cinnamon roll was to die for. I can’t wait to see everyone again at the wedding and watch our little Kym walk down the aisle!











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Meet Charlie

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J for Jamie Blog | Meet Charlie

Chris surprised me with the ultimate rom-com-worthy Valentine’s Day present this weekend, a sweet little puppy. We have talked endlessly about getting another dog. About whether or not we were emotionally ready and up for the major responsibility of puppy-hood. I’ve been hesitant because I don’t know if I’ll ever fully heal from losing Roxy. We’ve asked our friends to babysit their dogs which has helped us cope immensely and possibly made us ready for the next step of adopting again. When I finally gave Chris the okay, he tirelessly searched rescue sites for the perfect puppy. I kind of put it in his hands because I couldn’t bring myself to start looking. And then, he found her – in Bakersfield with a rescue called H.A.L.T. He had a gut feeling she’d be the one for us so he told me was working and made the 6 hour trip on Valentine’s Day to get her. Charlie was abandoned in an orchard with her brothers and sisters so she is really timid with her new surroundings right now. She’s unsure of our affection but doesn’t reject it so I’m pretty sure she’s going to be a little cuddle bug once she’s comfortable. She’s part Husky, part Shepard, has the softest fur, floppy ears and eyes that will melt your heart.

So there you have it, the first page of a new chapter in our lives. As we continue to cope with the loss of our beloved Roxy, we hope our hearts will begin to heal by pouring our love into another beautiful little being.

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Galentine’s Day on Houzz

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J for Jamie Blog | Houzz Galentines Tea Party - Photo by Nanette Wong

Oh my goodness, I’m so excited to share the Galentine’s Day Tea Party on Houzz today! My friend, fellow blogger and regular Houzz contributor, Nanette Wong, asked if I would collaborate with her on this project and I was thrilled for the opportunity. Nanette is amazing to work with and we had so much fun putting this together. Jump over to Houzz DIY Blog to see what we put together. Happy Galentine’s week!

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J for Jamie Blog | Post-Op Office

My office this week, all thanks to my bunions. Bunions, the most unglamorous deformity ever. And I have them! I’ve had them since I can remember, which make sense since mine are genetic. I’ve always tried to hide my feet from the public eye. When I was young and went swimming with the other kids, someone would inevitably ask me “what’s wrong with your feet?”. Growing up in the Central Valley where it gets up to the triple digits in the summer, my toes were always exposed thus making my feet-hiding attempt almost impossible. I’ve longed to be able to wear flip-flops or strappy shoes comfortably without being so insecure about people looking at my feet. In the past few years, I’ve come to accept the way my feet look. I’ve found what kinds of shoes best fit them and mostly I don’t feel judged when getting a pedicure. Unfortunately, after our trip to Europe, I’ve realized how much pain these horrid bunions have started to give me. It became painful to walk when we were traveling when I’ve never experienced it before. I visited my doctor and as I suspected, bunion surgery is unavoidable. There really won’t be a convenient time to do it at this point in life so this morning, I’m going in for surgery on my right foot. At least since I’ve decided to do the surgeries, almost everyone I’ve talked to knows someone who’s had the surgery or has had it themselves. Where were all my bunion sisters and brothers when I was growing up?? I wouldn’t have felt like such a freakazoid.

On the bright side, I’m looking forward to buying myself a new pair of beautiful strappy shoes to show off my feet. Also, I’ll be getting a lot of sleep this week. Wish me luck!

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Oh how I love Berlin. This was the first city on our trip that I have already been to and I couldn’t wait to show Chris one of my favorite cities. We also made sure to stop there to visit my very good friend Alicia, whom I met in college while studying in Milan. The last time I saw her was in Berlin for her wedding and now she has her own clothing line, a 1 year old and another baby on the way! Alicia and her baby Nino showed us around Berlin and cooked a delicious German dinner for us in their home. I think Berlin is just so colorful and vibrant with so much history. It’s also a very international city with lots of different cuisine and neighborhoods to visit. I wish we could live there!

See more of our travels on Instagram by searching the hashtag, #chrisandjamietravels.
















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